Monday, June 27, 2011

Market Happenings

And the excitement continues at the market in our fourth week of the season!

If you haven't stopped in yet, you are missing out on some very exciting Tuesday evenings.

"Color Light Theory" has been entertaining us for the past couple of weeks with their toe tapping and hula hoop swinging beats.

"Color Light Theory" can be found at the Market between 6-8pm

Last week we also had some other energetic musicians, Norm Bull and Mike Carrington, providing us with wonderful sounds that helped relax the atmosphere even more. If you too are interested in playing some music at the market stop by the Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street tent and tells us about you and your music!

Norm Bull and Mike Carrington

When you stop by the Market this week make sure to check out our brand new street mural, on Harford Road. The mural is the city's first horizontal street mural and connects the Hamilton-Lauraville corridor to its agricultural past and present. The mural was painted this past Sunday during the Lauraville Business Association Block Party and was lead by artist Whitney Frazier and other members of Hamilton Arts Collective. Thank you to everyone that was involved, you did a great job!

The completed street mural in-front of the Market space at 4500 Harford Road

Also, don't forget to be voting for your Favorite Farmers Market! The Tuesday Market in Lauraville currently has 11 votes in the American Farmland Trusts annual market contest! Way to go everyone, now lets try to get a little bit more support, I know there are more then 11 of you at the market each week!

*All photographs provided by Regina Lansinger, Thank you!*

Monday, June 20, 2011

YOUR favorite farmers market

No matter which farmers market you attend, although we hope that you are coming to ours, you come for a reason.

That reason may be to get local fruits, vegetables, eggs, or any variety of meat.

Green onions found on the first day of the Tuesday Market in Lauraville

That reason could be to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any meal in-between from a valued vendor.

Hamilton Bakery providing us with fresh baked goodies, as well as refreshing lemonade, all with a smile.

That reason could be to socialize, hang out with neighbors, or to meet new people.

Hula hoops scatter the ground between hooping sessions during the market

Whatever that reason is, it is important to support your favorite markets. The American Farmland Trust is holding their annual "America's Favorite Farmers Market" contest and you can help get your favorite farmers markets noticed by voting for them online. When you support your local farmers markets you aren't just standing up for healthy produce and regional farmers, but you are also supporting and saving the agricultural land that produce your favorite fruits, vegetables, and grains and provides food for other animals. So go ahead and vote for the farmer, the market, and your support for the land!

"No Farms, No Food"

Local Food and Local Farms

PS - Don't forget to vote for the Tuesday Market in Lauraville! Stop by the Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street tent at the market tomorrow for more information on how you can support the Tuesday Market in Lauraville!

*All photographs provided by Peter Mares, Thank you!*

Monday, June 13, 2011

A great start to the market season!

Opening day of the Tuesday Market in Lauraville was fantastic!

We had about 30 different vendors, wonderful music provided by the local steel drum band, hula hoops galore, and an overall relaxed evening filled with neighbors and friends.

If you missed last week thats OKAY, because tomorrow is Tuesday and another market day!

Here are a few pictures of the excitement that took over 45oo Harford Road last Tuesday, hope to see you tomorrow!

Steel Drum Band

Everyone enjoyed the hula-hoops

Carefully examining her meal for the evening

God Scent Herbs brought fresh herbs of all kinds to the Market

The delicious Clementine menu

Susan Painter of Red Zebra with her Brick Oven Pizza

*All photographs provided by Peter Mares*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today is the day!

The day has finally arrived... the opening of the Tuesday Market in Lauraville!

Don't forget to stop by between 4-8pm at 4500 Harford Road to check out the great variety of vendors!

Some things to look out for include ice cream from Red Canoe, fresh baked bread from Hamilton Bakery, wood fired pizza from The Red Zebra, beautiful stained glass from Fabulous Glass, fresh eggs from Sunnyside Farm, and vegetables galore from Zahradka Family Farm and Twin Compass Farm! And that isn't even a quarter of the vendors!

Also this evening, we will be having live musical entertainment provided by the Steel Drum Band, based out of Hamilton-Lauraville, performing between 6-8!

Looking forward to a great opening day!