Friday, May 25, 2012

Final Countdown

With just 10 days to go we have now reached our final countdown for the opening of the 2012 Tuesday Market in Lauraville season!

Make sure to check out the updated official vendor list, and then swing by on opening day to welcome your favorite (and soon to be favorite) vendors to the market on Tuesday, June 6th from 4pm-8pm.

To get prepared for the upcoming market season, you may want to...

1. Dust off your market basket or bag, so that you can fill it to the brim with fresh goodies.

2. Find the perfect hat to shade your face while wandering around the market in the late afternoon sun.

3. Check out the Maryland's Best website to find out exactly what is currently in season, and what you can get excited about in the coming months.

4. Get your camera ready and take pictures documenting your time at the market. If you feel like sharing your pictures with other market goers, you can post your pictorial experiences on the Real Time Farms website, as well as connect with other local farms and restaurants.

See you on June 6th!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Market Vendors

Can you believe that it is already May 1st? 

ONE MONTH until the beginning of the 2012 season of the Tuesday Market in Lauraville!

To celebrate the countdown, we are sharing with you just a few of the vendors that will be participating in this years market. There are plenty more to come, this is just a sample to get you excited!

Thai Spring Roll

AJ's Hot Dogs and Funnel Cakes

Beads by Bettina 

Made in Heaven 

Hope that you are as excited about the upcoming market as we are here at 
Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street!