Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who wants to play chicken now?

With the arriving warmer weather the chickens at Sunnyside Farm can be seen frolicking in their fresh pastures on any given day. If they aren't running around or basking in the suns warm rays, then they can be seen chowing down on some delicious fresh grass or hanging out with their loving caretakers, Dru Peters and Homer Walden.

Picture thanks to Sunnyside Farm

Sunnyside Farm, located in Dover, Pennsylvania, is home to a variety of cows, pigs, turkeys, vegetable patches, hens and of course chickens. Each day the chickens get a fresh new piece of land to play in and feed on lush blades of grass and any other natural goodies they may find in the pastures (such as earth worms and clover.)

Picture Thanks to Sunnyside Farm

The chickens of Sunnyside Farm will be available at the Tuesday Market in Lauraville, but prior to our season beginning you can find them around the Baltimore area quite frequently. Visit their blog to keep up with farm happenings or their website to learn more about their great living situation on the farm!

You too will want to live the lifestyle of a chicken residing on Sunnyside Farm!

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