Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't forget about our talented artisans!

While the Tuesday Market in Lauraville boosts a great variety of deliciously prepared foods and raw goodies to prepare on your own, don't forget about the collection of artisans that also put heart and soul into their products.

Here is a glance at just a few of the vendors and their beautiful creations. To check them out fully stop by the market tomorrow from 4-8pm!

Constance from Studio C, who is permanently located just a block away from the market!

Blanquitha's hand crafted bags by Blanca for all ages and occasions, among other crafts.

One of the creations of Turtle Jewelry by Leslie, stop by her booth to check out her other work.

For a different kind of creative work, stop by the Chop Shop tent for a quick and stylish haircut!

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