Monday, April 9, 2012

Art Projects

It can be really nice to sit down and do an art project every once in awhile. You know, take out your random box of art supplies that includes everything from scissors and glue sticks to glitter and foam animals. Anything goes in art boxes, the more random, the better.

Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street is pulling out their large art supply box, along with their exciting PNC and Baltimore Office of Promotions & The Arts grant that they were recently granted. With a slightly more organized art box then you might find at your house, the Transformative Art Project grant will provide the area with exciting public art forms.

Currently there are two projects in the works that will address the ongoing and historical presence of urban agriculture in the area, adding on to the two street murals that were put into place last year.

The first of these design ideas include a large carrot sticking out of the soon to be open Green Onion space, located on the corner of Harford Road and Hamilton Avenue.

The second design project will be located on the market lot, and will consist of a large basket on the roof, filled to the brim with market goodies, and have berries falling from the basket creating seating around the market lot.

We hope that you are as excited about these innovative art projects as we are! Stay tuned for more art and market updates, as we slowly slide closer to opening day. In the mean time, crack open that old art supply box of yours and get to your own creative projects.

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