Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Want to learn more about residential composting?

Stop by the Tuesday Market in Lauraville
and talk to John Henry Sisk.
You bring the questions.
John Henry has the answers!

Our residential pick up service offers an easy way for urban households to compost.  We provide households with a 5 gallon bin, sealed lid, and compostable liner.  Households deposit all food scraps - including vegetables, dairy, meats, bones, shells, and soiled paper products.  Once a week we will collect the scraps, clean the buckets, and transport the material to a commercial compost facility to be transformed into nutrient rich soil amendment "compost".  In the spring and fall, households have the option to have compost returned for use in their gardens or donated to a community partner.  For more information please visit our website at remotioncompost.com

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