Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Some Interesting Vendors at the Tuesday Market

Artisan Vendors
at the Tuesday Market in Lauraville

The rules of the Tuesday Market are to 'make it' or 'grow it.'
In order to participate as a vendor, you must make it with your own hands, or grow it yourself. Since the market began in 2009, these have been the steadfast rules.

Farmers must grow their own food, rather than buy it at another market and sell it as their own product.

Food vendors can prepare food on site, or bake in a certified commercial kitchen.  They must have all required licensing from the Baltimore Health Department.  And, they must make the food themselves.

Artisan vendors must also make their own products.  Our artisans include jewelers, health and wellness products, skin care products, original paintings and so on.

There are just a few service vendor spaces each season, and their missions must benefit a cause.
Weaving for Women is one such vendor.

Apprentice Weaver Spinning Thread
Photo courtesy of

Weaving for Women loom
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These beautiful woven fabrics will be available at the 
Tuesday Market in Lauraville
until the end of the season on October 28th.

For more information about Weaving for Women,
please visit this website:

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