Thursday, June 27, 2013

Market Day #4

Arts & Artisans

Quilt created by Pam Wallace and the Hamilton Quilt Circle
to benefit the Hamilton Firehouse - aka Business Incubator

Hand painted silk by Susan Brandt


Attractive one-of-a-kind lamps & scarves can also be found at
The Gift Cellar, 4337b Harford Road.

                     Lovely earrings & jewelry by Studio C

Music by the Patapsco Delta Boys, Bob & Tom
Handmade purses & scarves


The Baltimore Urban Gardening with Students
BUGS is a national model program that uses cooking, gardening, creative arts & movement
and entrepreneurial projects to help increase academic performance in reading & math,
and improve student behavior.  BUGS' students grow vegetables throughout the year in
several raised beds and in the BUGS greenhouse.  They use their produce in the kitchen
to make delicious foods - pesto, salsas, herbed bread, and salads.
Ask the students about their pickles and be sure to munch on a day lily...while they last!
Busia's Kitchen, serving homemade Polish cuisine
and kid-friendly options like hotdogs!

Chef Mac's Louisiana Cuisine
Always a hit at the Tuesday Market in Lauraville.


Zahradka Farms
offers vegetables in season

Blueberries, Cherries & Strawberries
courtesy of Fetter's Fruit Farm

Family Fun in Lauraville

Go, Spilly!

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