Thursday, July 4, 2013

Market Day #5

The weather at the market
was a little soggy during set up.
But the market was anything but!

BUGS-Baltimore Urban Gardening with Students-
busy selling handmade soaps, bird seed & birdhouses....
.....Calculating final sales.....
...and smiling for the camera!

Entertainment for the kids?
Hula Hoops & Giant Berries.

English Muffins
Julie's English Muffins sold out quickly!

Delicious pizza in 4 easy steps
#1 - Place your order

#2 - watch the preparation

 #3 - remove from the wood-fired oven

#4 - Ready to eat!
Fetter's Fruit Farm
Cherries & berries - while they last.

Zahradka Farm
New veggies coming each week.

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