Monday, September 19, 2011

Autumn has swept in

With the overnight arrival of Autumn has come an array of cooler weather goods for you to enjoy at the market.

APPLES! Personally, I could not be happier that apple season has arrived, and this will not be the last mention of these lovely fruits. Come stop by Tony Fetters Fruit Farm and sample an apple slice or sip of apple cider. How can you resist?

Izzy's Chocolate has finally arrived at the market! Now that the hot weather has broken, she is able to provide us with delicious and unique chocolates. Among the flavors that she brought last week were apricot, coconut, and plum. Come satisfy your chocolate craving at the market tomorrow.

While the weather has changed, it is still beautiful weather to dine al fresco. After wandering around the market for a little while, why not grab a glass of wine or seasonal cocktail at The Chameleon Cafe, located right across the street. With a farm-to-table focus, you will also find an array of delicious appetizers filled with all your favorite seasonal flavors.

With all these exciting cool weather market happenings, come stop by and see for yourself!

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