Monday, September 5, 2011

the ending of summer

Where has the summer gone? In a swirl of hot weather and farmers markets it seems to have flown by.

If you haven't gotten enough of peaches, corn, watermelon, and tomatoes, now is the time to stock up, because they will be gone before we know it!

Now is also a very important time to be supporting your farmers due to the damage that was caused by Hurricane Irene.

While you may have been struggling with electrical outages and small issues such as having to throw away food from an temporarily disabled refrigerator, farmers were having much bigger issues. Field and crop flooding, lack of electricity for their poultry and cattle, and thousands of dollars in property damage are just the tip of the problems faced by many of farmers last weekend.

So when you see some beet greens that might not be as darkly colored as normal or some slightly yellowed parsley, don't make a big deal, but rather savor the unique storm battered product that you are getting and the thank the farmer that you are supporting.

Also, can you believe it? Only 8 more weeks of the Tuesday Market! We hope that you have been enjoying it and would really like your feedback, good and bad. We have created a survey that you can participate in here and hope that you give us your honest opinions so that we can help make the market better. Thanks in advance!

*All photographs by Delancey Nelson*

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  1. thanks Delancy, it is amazing how the summer has flown by!