Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Market Days

And another market day is upon us. While we can't seem to shake this heat spell, or stop talking about it for that matter, we can attempt to cool off with some juicy fresh fruit and ice cream from the market. Or perhaps relax on one of the artistic berry seats scattered through the market lot.

Market goers cooling off with some Prigel Family ice cream. What is your favorite flavor?

Relaxing on the berry seating that is scattered through the market lot. Which berries can you recognize?

If it is just too hot for you to even think about cooking, why not whip up a quick and nutritious smoothie with Tony Fetter's Fruit Farm's or Zahradka's fruits and veggies. Cantaloupe and Peach? Rainbow Chard and Peach? 

What are some of your favorite hot weather recipes, to help you stay cool? Come stop by the market and let us know! 

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