Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The weather has broken!

Now that we can safety venture outside again without instantly turning into prunes, it is time to add some substance to our meals as well! No more living off of smoothies and ice, just to stay hydrated and cool! Although, we can never say no to a freshly juiced beverage from Jukai Juice Company.

We can now elevate our meals to... cucumber and tomato salads, with juicy peaches as an accompanying dessert. All, of course, found at your lovely farmers market. Check out Zahradka Family Farm and Tony Fetters Fruit Farm


As part of our continuing "love your neighborhood" series, we are featuring two different neighborhood loving residents this week, as taken from the Live Baltimore photo booth session a few weeks ago.  What do YOU love about your neighborhood?

"Lauraville: The small community feel. Everyone knows and helps. Snowstorms are no problem, with neighbors who work together." We agree, Dee, and think the same thing goes for all harsh weather conditions! 

"I love the biking community." As do we, Elliott! 

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