Monday, August 13, 2012

It's all about the berries!

For those who have been following our artists' progress as new "berry seats" appear each week, you will be happy to know that the project is nearly finished.  It's all about the berries.  This week, help us paint the final berries that will soon find a home on the roof at the Tuesday Market in Lauraville.

Berry seats offer unusual seating at the market.

Jeanne-Marie Burdette works on the final rooftop berries.

Enjoy dinner, dessert, and a little shopping with your neighbors.
Have you tried a Petite Sweets Cupcakes yet?
Choose your colorful all natural fruit drink made to order from Jukai Juice.

Wood-fired pizza anyone?

Shrimp spring roll makes a nice summer meal.

Frank's Gourmet Chips are available right next to Brooks Brand Salsa.
What a nice combo!

See you at the Tuesday Market!

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