Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peaches anyone?

Stop by Tony Fetter's Fruit Farm to pick up some delicious peaches ... and while you're there, be sure to pick up some recipes for Peach Daiquiris, Peach Smoothies, and Peachy Milkshakes, too!  

Meet two of our newest vendors to the Tuesday Market:
Meet David from Frank's Gourmet Chips...

...and Cliff from Brooks Brand Salsa!

Take a load off...enjoy a dinner prepared just for you....listen to some music
and relax with your neighbors.

Thanks to Blue Water Baltimore for a rain barrel workshop.
If you missed this workshop on July 31st, another will repeat later in the season.
Stay tuned.......

At the next market, bring your budding artists along to help with some finishing touches before the final berries land on the roof.  Paint, brushes & instruction will be provided.  Fun is guaranteed!

Imagine a large market basket on top of the roof, with berries spilling out.
Help us paint the remaining berries!

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