Monday, August 15, 2011

What do Hawaii and Baltimore have in common?

This week at the Tuesday Market, we will be featuring a wonderful musician from the tropical state of Hawaii.

Bo Lozoff is in town and we are lucky to have him joining us this week. Bo is also the co-founder, with his wife, of the Human Kindness Foundation in North Carolina and the Prison-Ashram Project.

For a sneak peek of some of Bo's works, check out this music video.
Come hear Bo live tomorrow starting around 4pm!

Photo taken by Regina Lansinger

In other market news, for those of you who haven't noticed, Trang Nguyen of the old and loved Saigon Remembered, has set up shop at the Tuesday Market!

She has been doing so well that she has sold out the past two weeks, so if you want some of her delicious Vietnamese Food you better get there early.

Photo by Regina Lansinger

We also had a new vendor join our team last week. Jimi, aka Spoonman, who is a regular at many other markets around the area, showed off his amazing flatware jewelry, as seen above. Talk about a good way to reuse and recycle those unwanted utensils! Not that you often have unwanted, antique, sterling silver flatware... Thanks Jimi for taking care of that issue for us!

Photo taken by Regina Lansinger

Don't worry, despite all this other exciting news, are are still your local neighborhood provider of fresh produce. Come stop by to see what has been harvested this week!

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