Monday, August 29, 2011

hurricane recovery

If you are still struggling through the damage done by Hurricane Irene this weekend, we have the perfect solutions for you tomorrow at the market.

Still out of electricity? Why not stop by one of our newest market vendors and pick up a creatively decorated candle! The Happy Place features candles in wine glasses, mugs, and tea pots, among other creative holders. Maria makes the candles and her daughter paints some of them, so you can take home a truly unique design. After you use your candle, why not have a drink out of your new beverage holder? Two great uses with one purchase. I approve!

Picture borrowed from The Happy Place facebook page

If your power is still out, then chances are you are going to need to get some dinner while you are out and about, so why not enjoy it at the Tuesday Market? With choices of Clementine, Jack and Zach, The Red Zebra, Chef Mac's, Zeke's Coffee, Wolfe Street Cuisine, Red Canoe, Hamilton Bakery, Infused Spreads, and Trang Nguyen you will not be short of options!

Also, I must congratulate Infused Spreads for their presence in the daily food email newsletter, Tasting Table, this past week. You can read it here!

Photograph by Delancey Nelson

Now that you are full of food and have your candle supply, why not relax and listen to Bo Lozoff as he performs again this week. For those of you who missed him two weeks ago, he played wonderful renditions of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and other tunes from some fantastic artists. Come show your support while he is still in town, from his current home in Hawaii.

Photograph by Regina Lansinger

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